My Adsense Earnings Went Up After Using SEMRush - It Really Works

I was able to increase my adsense earnings this month. Since then I am continually using Semrush to search for highly targeted keywords with high cpc. - See more at:

Today I earn $1,467 thanks to Mark Ling Affiloblueprint - The best internet marketing course ever
Today is the happiest day of my money making journey because I have made $1,467. Isn't it nice! A 30 days ago I was following Mark Ling's Affiloblueprint. I learn a lot from the course. Complete with videos and notes and the course also monitors your progress too. There are about 55 videos which is about 6 minutes long making it not boring to watch. You can start over if you wish to review every chapter. Its a proven step by step guide, perfect for newbies and even for those people who already marketing online.

I learn the very foundation of marketing. Keyword research technique and finding niche that people are searching. You can start making money right away once you've absorbed the knowledge. You could do it easily.

The Affiloblueprint is not a waste of money but a good investment because as you can see, I have made a lot of money. Yes that's me in the picture. I'm holding the amount $1,467 which is converted into peso, which about P64,000.00 more.

Here are a few things that you will learn from Affiloblueprint course:

Introductin and Mindset
What the course is about
Finding the right product
Creating Content
Setting Up Your Website
Website Design
On page SEO
Off Page SEO
Inbound Marketing
Where to now? Tweaking Your Website
Introduction to Google PPC
Creating PPC Campaigns
Advanced PPC Techniques
Videos and notes that can be downloaded

1: Finding Profitable Digital Product Niches
2.Finding Profitable Physical Product Niches
3. Finding Profitable CPA Niches
4. Intro to Keywords and Buy Intent
5.Niche Background Research
6. Search Volumes and Competition

The best value for your money. Now its time for you to make money too like this.. Thank you Mark.


My Adsense Earnings Went Up- It Really Works

Three months ago I have read about SEMRush and how it can help blogger like me to improve traffic and target high cpc adsense. The site that inspired me to use semrush is from Shoutmeloud where Harsh, founder of the site, uses SEMRush to make $174 per month in his micro niche site. The SEO tool is however a bit expensive but its all worth it, but I have manage to compensate the monthly payment. I was able to increase my adsense earnings this month. Since then I am continually using Semrush to search for highly targeted keywords with high cpc.

SEMRush tool and all its functions may seem difficult at first but following the tutorials and support from them will help you understand the use of its function. I have frequently check from Youtube and watch videos posted on how to use SEMRush. Below are those videos that I watched that help me learn more about this very useful SEO tool. You can also download the free pdf format that uses SEMRush as a keyword research tool.

I followed the steps in this guide and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the comment section. I will try my best to help you make money as soon as possible.

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